meet our team of incredible babes that have a presence that goes above and beyond. these super special humans reflect the very best qualities of a inspirational, happy, healthy, creative babe.


// what you do? / why you do it? 

I work at SAHMRI as a Research Assistant in Wardliparingga which is their Aboriginal Health unit. I work there because I'm learning how Indigenous Health is being improved on a large scale and I want to be a part of or help out with that in any way I can.

// five qualities that make someone a babe…

groove, confidence, lurrrrrvin', have an energy and always happy to have a chat.


//  fav colour combo is…

 yellow and blue  


// three things that make you super, flipping’ excited for life…

I'm excited for life because I'm healthy, have plenty of babes around me and get to have my own dog one day


// the best song in the world is…

the babe in me says Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield


// what you do? / why you do it? 

I’m the head cook/manager at a cafe and a freelance graphic designer. I’ve always been a creative person, and I have a strong passion for food and sharing it with others.

// five qualities that make someone a babe…

how the heck do I answer that..?


//  fav colour combo is…

orange and green


// three things that make you super, flipping’ excited for life…

camping/adventures, music, food duh


// the best song in the world is…

Innerbloom, RÜFÜS DU SOL (What So Not Remix)


// what you do? / why you do it?

I’ve just finished my bachelor in International Development which is my absolute passion. The degree looks at the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental challenges that developing countries face. We learn about different forms of aid, government and non-government organisations, and explore the major contributing factors leading to issues such as extreme poverty, poor health, fragile governance, inequality and environmental vulnerability.


Why study development? Because I’m an absolute nerd for social justice. While I sound like I have a god complex, I really find personal fulfilment in helping people. I almost feel like it’s not an option to do anything else. There is so much suffering in the world which the west is very sheltered from. In saying this development cannot be a ‘west knows best’ scenario. Development needs to be sustainable and needs to have a participatory approach to the communities you are helping.  


I also work in a really fun gin bar that brings me so much joy! What can I say, ya girl loves gin. 


I also love living environmentally consciously in what I consume. For 3 years I’ve been conscious of using single-use plastics which I avoid. My diet is also mostly plant based because meat/dairy industries are ethically un-sound in many ways and veggies make me so so happy. 


// Three things that make you super, flipping’ excited for life…

1. Now that I’ve finished my degree I’m super flippin’ excited to work in the field! However, looking for work has been put on hold while I travel around Europe for the next 3 months. 


2. Sustainable fashion! I absolutely love expressing myself through my clothing in an enviro-friendly way. I love colourful dresses, comfy shoes and would be lost without my big earrings and lipstick! 


3. My friends. I am a massive extrovert and recharge my energy by being with other people. Social and emotional connections with people, and discussing big ideas gets me excited for life! 


// Five qualities that make someone a babe…

- Kindness. Always be kind to others. 

- Respect. Most importantly a deep respect for yourself, for others and for the environment that gives us life. 

- Humility. Often underrated, but I strongly believe that you cannot grow as a person if you can’t listen to other people’s perspectives without being offended. 

- Confidence. Often mistaken for arrogance, but true confidence is the most beautiful quality to see on a person. 

- Spontaneity. I just love easy going people who are open to doing random things. I mean we’ve got to have some fun and adventure!


// Fav colour combo is…

Sunset burnt oranges/yellows and olive greens make me salivate. Actually, any earthy colour combo. 

// The best song in the world is…

I’m not sure if it’s the best song in the world but it is certainly my favourite - Slow Mover by Angie McMahon